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It's Friday, but Sunday's Coming

The title of this reflection is from an old sermon that I heard on radio maybe 30 years ago. Friday represents the agony of Jesus through the act of crucifixion and the steps that preceded it. As gut wrenching as it was, there is hope!  Sunday's coming! The resurrection makes Jesus love accessible to everyone who opens their arms to receive the peace.

It is possible for each of us to identify with the passion of Jesus and view Friday as the depths of our personal experience in life.  Sometimes it is referred to as a bottom. As difficult as our most painful days may be, we can open ourselves to the love of God, that often comes from individuals lifting us out of our pain. And open our arms we must! Everything begins with us as individuals receiving God’s love and sharing it.

By the time Easter arrives we shout “He is risen! He is risen indeed!” For us it is a declaration of hope for a better life for us and the world around us. It is hope for the realization of the prayer “Thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven!”  Where there is life there is hope.

Even if we have individually experienced the peace, it is easy to get down when thinking about national and worldwide events. To believe that peace is simply not possible in this world.

Humankind has a legacy of messing things up, causing pain and suffering that is beyond our control. I wonder if this view is an example of losing focus of the call to follow in the footsteps of Jesus? While this is objectively true while reviewing history, it might be better to focus on what is possible, what we can do individually and collectively now?

Over the summer I read about a theologian who created a vision.  A vision back in the 1930’s of 10 million Christians spread throughout the world.  People who were passionate, creative, and hopeful that the world could be filled with The Peace. That each one would influence at least 500 for the better. (This number might be off) But think about 500 times 10 million. In 1950 the world-wide population was 2,556,000,053. His vision would have impacted what, maybe everyone? I could not understand the response I got on my I phone calculator when I tried to do the math.

In any case it was a vision that allowed him to focus on his part of the plan for peace/shalom and to trust that others will focus on their parts.  In doing so it promoted creativity and hope. In a way it was, and is, a type of second coming of Christ working through believers, hearts, minds and bodies.


So, what about us? Certainly, the ministries launched by the community of St. John will impact many, a number that is difficult to estimate.  Individually, how might we be the hands of feet of God beyond our work at St. John?  How many lives might we touch? Remember it's Friday but Sunday's coming. You are the hope that can be found in Him!


Pastor Mark

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