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Pastor Mark's Reflection - December

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

As a pastor I am often invited into the privacy of the heart and home. There are so many amazing stories within the community of St. John that feature deep and rich complexities of life. The fact is, occasionally, what is important to one is insignificant to the other. Yet, so often I see the willingness of our members to share the peace with each other despite differences. (It is good that we do not cause stumbling blocks (faith practices) for our friends. Romans 14:13-23

This is the Spirit working between and within in us that serves as a basis for our faith. The power of compassion creates the opportunity to adjust our lives to the rhythms of others. While this might sound mystical and maybe it is, it happens in the world of sports all the time. Great teams understand the strengths and weaknesses of the other and reform or adjust to accommodate the talents present.

In a way we are building a team here at St. John where people can come to worship, fellowship and prepare to become God's hands and feet. It is my prayer that each of us feels a type of connectivity that must be protected and strengthened as our faith is enhanced to take greater steps forward with our individual and collective lives.

On December 17th at 6PM we are given a unique opportunity to be God's hands and feet by inviting family, friends, neighbors or co-workers to the Christmas Peace Service. It is a service that will feature smooth jazz music, reflections that will be read that will touch the heart and mind as well as a blessing with oil to reconfirm God's love to those participating. Following the 1-hour service, we will offer an afterglow featuring sweets and refreshments.

As you stop and think about the people in your life it is reasonable to assume that each of us has a measure of heart ache and struggle that is often less bearable during the holidays. These challenges can however serve as a gateway to greater peace when addressed in a safe and welcoming context. With that said you don't have to get too deep about this, simply invite your friends to the service. My friends do not be afraid to ask. Let's share God's peace and trust.

Finally, please know that you can reach me at 248-207-1312 if you need to talk.


Pastor Mark

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