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Approximately half of all people living in nursing homes have been essentially abandoned. They have no visitors and no one to advocate for them. Pathways in Compassion is a nursing home visitation ministry that matches volunteers with individuals living in nursing facilities who do not have regular visitors. Currently, the Pathways team at St. John is regularly visiting 20 people at the Medilodge facility at the end of our street. 

The need is great, and we are always looking for more volunteers to share connection and compassion through this important ministry. If you are interested in joining the St. John Pathways team, or taking this ministry to your own congregation, please read through our Pathways in Compassion booklet that sheds some light on the basics of this ministry and tells stories from some Pathways volunteers. St. John is happy to coordinate training to new volunteers or congregations looking to start their own Pathways team. Please contact Pastor Mark to join the St. John Pathways team, or for more information on starting the program at your home congregation. 

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