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Worship is at the center of our life together. It takes a large team to put together and present our worship service every Sunday, so there are many opportunities for you to get involved! Training is available for all positions.


Lay Assistant/Lector – Read the scriptures and prayers; assist with communion. Contact Marie Cook.

Communion Assistants — Two people assist in serving communion at each service. Contact Janet Henkel.

Altar Guild – Prepare the altar and communion for each service. Altar guild members are scheduled on a rotating basis. Contact Catherine Federspill.

Chancel Choir – Even if you’ve never sung in a choir before, you are welcome to join. If you like to sing alone or with others, you should join us! Contact Sean Michael Jackman.

Greeters – Greet people and make them feel welcome. Contact Keven Blaker.

Ushers – Seat people at the beginning of the service, direct them during communion. Contact Marie Cook.

Narthex Nursery — Young children and families can take a break without being disconnected from service. The narthex nursery has toys and books for a range of ages. You can support this ministry by helping to set up the space before service, tidying it after, or by helping to keep the space stocked with appropriate toys, books, and other materials. Contact Ashleigh Altemann

Children’s Sermons — Pint-sized messages for pint-sized people, and maybe the adults in the pews too. Help our youngest worshippers grasp the lessons of the week and learn what it means to follow Jesus. Contact Pastor Mark.

Coffee Hour Host – Set up coffee and tea in the café area, and bring some treats to go with it.  
Contact Caran Hoffman.

Slide Preparation – Prepare the slides for the service. This is a great way to spiff up your PowerPoint skills for use in your professional life! Contact Elaine Pearson.

Sound Master – Run the soundboard during the service. Contact Dan Bingham.


Slide/Camera/Zoom Master – Advance the slides during the service and control the camera shots that are going out to the Zoom. Usually we work in teams of two. Contact Elaine Pearson.


Mute Master – This is an invisible but important function! Join the Zoom. We will make you a co-host. Admit new participants as they come in. Mute and unmute as required. You can do this from home. Contact Elaine Pearson.

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