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The Aftermath

The Detroit Lions season is over. For the last several weeks our Greater Detroit Community was unified in the hope of more success (Super Bowl). As I mentioned last week, I have never seen such a region wide reaction like this and hoped that the spirit of unity would continue after the season was over.

Going to the gym Monday morning after the loss I saw a bunch of disappointed people but at the same time there was comfort in knowing that we’re not alone. We could feel each other’s pain. Within that you could sense the drift of compassion in and around those of us who were gathered.

So where do we go from here? One thing, I believe it is important to celebrate good things that are going on in the community. It is good to have fun while at the same time carrying with us the power of peace. To not get sucked into weird negativity and judgmentalism that also follows.

As the parent of a former baseball player, it was breathtaking to see how people could turn ugly when things did not go the way they hoped.  Often there was a lack of understanding about the sport. That negativity could drift into other relationships and create an unhealthy atmosphere.

Is it possible to experience all matters of cultural life to participate and enjoy with a spirit of peace even within a highly competitive environment?  The simple answer is yes. It begins with respecting everyone involved.  Once that is in place we can and will find a richness in our culture that creates all kinds of pathways for new life.


Pastor Mark

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