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We are all Artists?

We are all Artists?

I love to go to art museums although, I rarely do. They are places where one can feel alone while, at the same time, being near many others. Quiet. My stress at the moment can be swept away as I venture into the past, present or future that the art depicts. Looking at art I sometimes read the description of the piece but often prefer to just gaze and imagine the stories within and behind the work.

I believe, I have read or heard somewhere that we are all artists creating something special within the Kingdom of God experience. I suppose that is true recognizing that the term artist is used loosely and that is ok with me.

At St. John we are a community that attempts to make art through life and living, using the colors of compassion, mercy, forgiveness, justice and grace. In our art we learn about those colors and their combinations to produce a peace that is shared with each other, ourselves and the world around us.

We have begun a new fiscal year of ministry with an outline of what we plan to do and hope to accomplish. It is good that our new year always starts around Lent creating the opportunity to reflect in a more personal way about how do we, you and I individually examine our life with the hopes of becoming more useful artists in the creation and sharing of peace.

As we become more intentional about co-creating with God and our role as artists in sharing the peace, I believe the Wednesday evening soup gathering at 5:30pm can establish a good context to create community here at St. John. We will share a simple meal, visit, and reflect on various aspects of The Peace, along with prayer and finally the Lord’s Supper. The more we get to know each other the more vibrant our mission will be!

May you always walk in his foot- steps! Pastor Mark

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