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The Residence Update
August 7, 2023

Our Parish House will soon become "The Residence" which will be home to serving three individuals with special needs. Much work was needed to prepare the house for this, and although the work is not complete, a great deal has been accomplished to date.


  • The entrance has been cleaned up, the siding power-washed and trash removed.

  • We removed a tree to clear power line interference.

  • We added mulch to the flower beds.

  • Cleaned the whole area.


  • As a safety measure, we added a spring-loaded hinged half-door to the entrance to the basement.

  • We installed new flooring in all the bedrooms.

  • We completely renovated the main level bathroom with turbo toilet, handrails, soap dish, shampoo slot and a three drawer cabinet (each resident gets his own drawer).

  • In the kitchen, we painted the pantry, added new hardware and repaired some drawers.


  • We painted the walls, ceiling and floor.

  • Repaired the doors.

  • Upgraded the lower level bathroom with a turbo toilet, towel shelf, new shower curtain and window shade.

  • In the laundry area: we painted the floor, replaced the faucet and cleaned and painted the shelves.

We have a new address!

Previously, the Parish House was part of church property and had the same address (23225 Gill). Now it has it's own - 23223 Gill. We added a mailbox with this address. 

Oops! The Post Office hasn't quite caught up, but we'll sort that out.

There's still so much to do!

Many of these are small tasks, but still need to be done. Here's the punch list:

Basement /Stairway

  1. Furnace duct cleaning and filter change

  2. Furnace inspection by city

  3. Run wash machine

  4. Install handrails in descending stairs

  5. Install vent covers

  6. Install base cover around paneled walls

  7. Install smoke alarm

  8. Move in desk and credenza if
    approved by CLC


  1. Paint touch up

  2. Install cabinet trim

  3. Bring in refrigerator

  4. Install range hood

  5. Light switch covers

  6. Hang Venetian blinds

  7. Install vent cover

Living Room

  1. Wash and wipe dust on ceiling walls and floor.

  2. Paint Walls and Ceiling

  3. Install transition strip by front door (47” x 41”)

  4. Clean Carpet – (scheduled August 12)

  5. Install light covers

  6. Paint linen closet

  7. Window curtains

  8. Install vent covers

  9. Move in sofa from church to main floor

  10. Install smoke alarm


  1. Wash and wipe dust on ceiling, walls and floor.

  2. Touch up paint in southeast bedroom

  3. Move existing furniture into bedrooms


  1. Get City permit and Install gate \ fence across driveway behind garage

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