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Sunday School — Sunday School — Each Sunday during the service, young people are invited to learn together about God's love and how to live as Christ has taught us. Using stories from the Bible, folktales, historical events and figures, and modern day examples, kids grow to recognize the spirit of God in themselves and active in the world around them. Materials are made available for families who cannot join us in person to use at home. Contact Ashleigh Altemann.

Create and Care Camp — A home-grown garden and arts summer day camp that explores the natural world, our place in it and our call to care. Kids will get to create art, explore life in the garden and learn about God’s amazing creation and how to care for it. Contact Ashleigh Altemann.

Hearts, Hands and Voices Worship and Fine Arts Program — Young people, grades 2-7, from across the region come together in a safe and welcoming environment to grow spiritually and musically. We gather on Monday evenings from 6:30-8:00 p.m. during the Academic Year and for a week-long summer camp experience. Through hands-on experiences the program seeks to provide lifelong tools for creating, appreciating and sharing the arts; participating in worship; and leading enriched lives in society. More detail at

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