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About Unity

It is exciting when a community comes together sharing a hope, goal or dream. That is what is happening in our community right now with The Detroit Lions. As a life-long Detroiter, I cannot remember such a buzz as the one we are on right now.

The first sports stars I had posted on my bedroom door were 5 X 7 black and white photos of the 1959 Detroit Lions. Players such as Terry Barr, Jim Gibbons, John Gordy, Alex Karras, Yale Larry, Earl Morrel and Joe Schmidt. Over the years my fandom has been on and off but as of now I will confess it is a bit of a spiritual distraction.

It is fun to see people so excited! My theological response to all of this is that somehow the unity we are experiencing will extend beyond the Detroit Lions when the season ends. How can people share this joy with others that they would not normally agree with? Is there a bridge in this to building new relationships?

The answer is yes!  The power of The Holy Spirit in our midst, coaxing all of us to experience and extend brotherly and sisterly love. God is always creating in many ways and we are God's co-creators. Yes, even with the phenomena of the Detroit Lions.

Last April, it was my privilege to officiate the funeral of our friend Richard Rudorffer. He was a life long Lions fan and died at the age of 97. Dick in recent years would say “I will be ready to go after the Lions win a Super Bowl or I turn 100.”

There was so much more to Dick and his life, yet that expression of hope is shared by millions not only here but throughout the country. So, as we enjoy the ride let us also think about how to extend the spirit of unity and peace every day.

Peace and Go Lions,

Pastor Mark  

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