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I talk to a counselor most weeks. It is a good thing to do for Pastors due to the nature of our work. Of course, I pray and meditate, read scripture and other spiritual resources, as well, with the hope of being able to give as much as I receive.

The session was rather short I did not have much to say, even my prayer life has included few words. (I know you're hoping "If only his sermons included fewer words as well.") In any event I have been content to listen to what God might be saying to me.

I listen to birds, so many varieties impossible to count, but for that matter who needs to count? Barking dogs, the wind rustling through trees. I see deer and coyotes and wild turkeys all living around or near me in the same neighborhood.

With enough to eat and shelter more than satisfactory, I am grateful to have Beth, my children, their partners, my grandchildren, extended family, friends, and the community of St. John, as part of my life. I am content.

Even though I have aches and pains associated with a life well lived I am content. Even as I listen to the political noise, I am content. With all of that said, abiding with Christ or I should say attempting to abide finds me in this place of contentment. I have all that I really need, I hope that you do as well.  “Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find.” At least for today.


Pastor Mark

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