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It’s Big! It’s Bright! We Have Color Again!

Updated: Jan 4

First test.

Our new screen and projector were installed this week! We now have a 150” screen and an 8500 lumen Epson 4K projector.

If you have had trouble reading the words on the screen in worship, it’s not your eyes! The bulb in our projector has been on its last legs for months as we waited for all the bits and pieces of this project to come together. That should no longer be a problem.

Installing the screen

Our new projector’s laser light source (the bulb) has a life of 20,000 hours and won’t get dimmer over time as the old one did. The 150” screen is 16:10 aspect ratio (like a movie, vs. 4:3 like an old tube TV) and is made of a special gray material that blocks ambient light so the image is bright even on a sunny day.

Installing the monitor. Oops, need taller guys!

In addition to the new projector and screen, we have two monitors (thank you Antioch!) mounted on the back wall so the worship leaders and choir can see what’s on the slides.

Thank you to Dave Androvich for his many hours of work pulling this all together, and to Dan Bingham and Chris Fischer for consulting on the tech, and to Dan for setting it all up with our computer. Thanks also to the team at Paulson's Audio and Video for working with us.

Special thanks to the anonymous person who, when asked to fund this, said, “are you sure that will be enough?” and then promptly increased their gift. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, whoever you are! Your gift has greatly enhanced our worship experience!

Thank you to Dan Bingham, Kevin O’Brien, Gilda Bingham and Dave Androvich who, along with myself, are our rotating soundbooth crew each Sunday.

WE WOULD LIKE TO INCREASE OUR TEAM! There are many opportunities to participate:

  • Slide Preparation – Prepare the slides for the service. Currently I do this each Sunday, but I wouldn’t mind sharing. This is a great way to spiff up your PowerPoint skills for use in your professional life!

  • Sound Master – Run the soundboard during the service.

  • Slide/Camera/Zoom Master –Advance the slides during the service and control the camera shots that are going out to the Zoom. Usually we work in teams of two.

  • Mute Master – This is an invisible but important function! Join the Zoom. We will make you a co-host. Admit new participants as they come in. Mute and unmute as required. You can do this from home. (Thank you, Kris O’Brien for covering this for the last many months.)

Training is available for all of these functions! If you have interest please contact me at

The next big project: Microphones and speakers.

Elaine Pearson

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