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Living Life with Intentionality

In his sermon last week Pastor Mark mentioned a book titled "The Fourth Quarter of Your Life - embracing what matters most". Whether you are in the fourth quarter of life or not, this book will change the way you live the rest of your life.

Intentionality is the key to successful fourth quarter living. People don’t accidentally age gracefully. People don’t accidentally die peacefully. And people don’t accidentally leave behind legacies of hope, love, and encouragement. These all require the intentionality this book will help you develop.

The purpose of this practical guide is to help you...

  • Live the fourth quarter based on proven life principles

  • Clearly establish meaning and direction for your life

  • Develop the clarity necessary to make good decisions

  • Identify hopes and dreams

  • Establish what you need and want most at this time in your life

  • Learn to say no


It is never too early to think seriously about what matters most. Many readers will wish they had been exposed to these ideas earlier in life, even those who are not yet in their 4th quarter. Football games are won or lost in the fourth quarter. We have all seen it. It can be heartbreaking or exhilarating. But football is just a game. Life isn’t. There is a lot more at stake. What’s at stake? Everything!

Some of us want to get together to share what we are learning from this book. If you are interested let Kevin O'Brien know: or 248-767-5394. We will set up groups based on people's availability.

Available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle edition here.

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