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Music News - September 2023

We are settling into our Fall activities at St. John and I’m enjoying being in one location. Thank you for the warm welcome.

My New Office!

Music Office

The Music Office is now near the main offices of the church. I’m enjoying being next to our program staff. What a lovely view onto the front of the property. The former space is now being used as storage for Hearts, Hands and Voices. We will continue to use the Choir Room as in the past.


Open Choir met twice over the summer (July 30th and August 27th). I have held these kinds of rehearsals in the past and they have worked well. We met in the choir at 9 am on the Open Choir Sunday and presented the piece that same day. Many pieces are written for one rehearsal preparation and these simple but well-crafted pieces help engage singers who cannot commit to weekly rehearsals.

Guest Musicians

My friend and music colleague, Jeffrey Wilkinson, played viola in the church service on Sunday, July 23, 2023. We taught music together in Peel District School Board (Ontario, Canada) before I moved to Michigan. It was a privilege to work with him again I appreciate the positive response from the congregation.

Sean Michael and Daniel Winnick

Daniel Winnick, Detroit-area violinist, provided special music on Sunday, Sept. 3rd during the Labor Day weekend. I have worked with Daniel for many years here in Detroit, including at Antioch and in my previous position at Christ Church Dearborn. His sensitive musicianship was well-received. I look forward to welcoming Daneil to St. John again in the near future.

Lexi and Fletcher Tilton

On September 10th, Fletcher Tilton and Lexi Tilton played piano duets for the service. It was a pleasure to work with these talented, young musicians at St. John. We hope to invite them back again soon. Their family is among the New Members joining on October 1.

I look forward to meeting each of you. I appreciate your comments or questions on the music program at St. John.


Sean Michael Jackman

Director of Music and Organist


Cell 734.730.7423

Choir members and St. John Leaders enjoy social time at my house on Sept. 10

Moving the Piano

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