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Our Community is Growing!

Do you ever people watch? Wondering about their lives? What would it be like if we knew one another? I think that when we take the time to imagine such things, the people we do not know suddenly become sacred.

As your Pastor I wonder about people that have not yet reached the St. John Community. I wonder about those who do and what they experience? What do they hope for and for that matter what do we hope for? Over the past 2 years St. John has added 58 new members, to a preexisting base of about 150 members.

These members have transferred from other churches or are simply new after a period of seeking. With new insights and experiences, they have added to the St. John history of service to others. We are changing and serving more people in this post-covid world. The Spirit is clearly upon us and that is a good thing.

Those who were formally unknown are becoming known and demonstrate the possibilities we have been given by God to extend The Peace to more and more people.

I hope that we all will see ourselves as proud members of a new St. John Community that continues to focus on how we experience God's love in our midst and with the world. My sense is that God is providing us with new vision to demonstrate the relevance of shalom/peace to the world in which we live.

While we are growing numerically it is critical that we also grow spiritually. In past that happens when we are together in worship, fellowship, service, and education.

Moving forward I invite you to pray for those you see and do not know. To pray for people, you do know that might benefit from St. John. To thank God for our community and continue to share your hope through Him with others.


Pastor Mark

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