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Pastor Mark's Reflection on the New Survey

Over the last three years the St. John community has changed and for the better. Well over 30% of our current membership has come within those years. We have launched several new ministries and retained others that have been a part of our history.

Several months ago, I asked our leadership team to construct a congregational survey that will help us understand more clearly how effective St. John is in meeting your needs. As pastor I believe we must to do everything possible to help you become God’s hands and feet, to share God’s love with a world that really needs it.

I trust your responses will be a prayerful reflection of your hopes and concerns. Once we have assembled the information, a report will be created for the Leadership Team to review and share with the Board. You can expect a congregational report as well. Over the rest of the year, you will begin to notice steps that have been taken as a result of the survey.

This is a congregation with a mission to grow and reach out to others with the message of peace. This is certainly our time in the history of the larger church, I look forward to taking the next steps on our journey!


Pastor Mark   

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