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Feeding the Hungry
God's Garden

Each summer, we plant a garden on the south side of our property. The vegetables grown are harvested all summer and donated the C.A.R.E.S. Food Pantry to provide fresh food to people in need. You can sponsor a plot, provide labor, or grow vegetables at home to donate. For more information, contact Ed Kramer.

BTW (Buy Two Weekly)

BTW is shorthand for “by the way”. It’s also shorthand for Buy Two Weekly! This is our program to provide ongoing support for the C.A.R.E.S. Food Pantry. Here’s how it works: When you’re at the grocery store doing your regular shopping, (by the way…) pick up two extra items of non-perishable food: a couple of cans of veggies or soup or tuna; a couple of boxes of mac-n-cheese or cereal or oatmeal; a couple of packages of spaghetti or coffee or tea… whatever you’re in the mood for. The next time you come to church, drop them off in the grocery cart in the narthex. It will take ZERO extra time and you’ll never notice the cost. Get in the habit of doing this every week, in other words, BUY TWO WEEKLY! Your regular support will be much appreciated! If you have questions contact Elaine Pearson.

CWS CROP Hunger Walk

CROP stands for Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty. St. John members have supported and participated in the Farmington Area CROP Hunger Walk since 1986. This Walk raises funds for Church World Service and five local food pantries – Baldwin Center, Neighborhood House, Salvation Army, Servant Church of St. Alexander and Yad Ezra.


CWS is an inter-denominational/international relief organization. In the last 5 years we have raised more than $20,000 with the number of walkers ranging from 9 to 43. We have provided a rest stop all these years and donated towards the cost of the t-shirts that are given to the Walkers. Come Walk with us because THEY walk.

Clothing the Naked

The Monday Morning Quilters meet once a week to make quilts which are sent to a Lutheran World Relief warehouse here in the U.S. and then sent to countries all over the world where they are needed. We are joined by Lutheran churches all over the U.S and Canada in this project. Last year 412,710 quilts were sent to 23 countries. 140 of those quilts came from St. John. When you make and send a Quilt, you are not only comforting someone you have never met, but providing an object that is useful in ways you probably never imagined. In addition to being a cozy, clean new bed cover, it can be:

   • a baby carrier, tied around a mother’s back;
   • a market display, spread on the ground and piled with vegetables;
   • a sack for transporting those goods to market;
   • a sunshade;
   • a shawl; and most importantly
   • a constant reminder that someone, far away, cares a lot.

If you would like to participate or need more information, contact Earl Hagen.

Housing the Homeless
Salvation Army Bell Ringing

Every December, for 5 or 6 days and 10 hours each day we participate in the Salvation Army's Kettle Drive. We ring the bell for one hour only and that keeps us fresh. You can ring as often as you wish. It's a cool and rewarding way to love others as the money collected helps clothe, feed, and keep the heat on for those in need. If you have questions contact Denny Mahle.

South Oakland Shelter

For over 25 years, South Oakland Shelter (SOS) has worked with partner congregations to provide temporary lodging and supportive services that help homeless individuals and families break the cycle of homelessness and live independently. With an emphasis on homeless prevention, sustainable housing solutions, and career development, SOS implements strategies and programs that provide realistic options for homeless and at-risk individuals and families seeking stabilization and self-sufficiency. Periodically our sister congregation, Antioch Lutheran, provides accommodation for local homeless people for a week. St. John’s service consists of providing a meal one evening.

Healing the Sick
Red Cross Blood Drive

Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. More than 41,000 blood donations are needed every day. A total of 30 million blood components are transfused each year in the U.S.  A single car accident victim can require as many as 100 pints of blood.  One donation can save up to three lives!

St. John hosts two blood drives per year (sometimes a third, if the need is especially acute).  We need people to make calls prior to the drive, assist on the day of the drive, and of course, donate!  If you have questions or would like to help, contact Bev Androvich.

Helping Those in Need
Lutheran World Relief School Kits, Personal Care Kits

Each year the Women of St. John coordinate the purchase and assembly of School Kits and Personal Care Kits for the Lutheran World Relief October “Box Car Collection.”  The items required for the kits are purchased and donated by members of the Congregation. St. John has contributed to this outreach ministry for over 25 years. Volunteers even used to sew the school bags, but a different style of bag is required now. Though what we send has changed over the years, we hope to continue to support this important ministry in the future.  If you want more information or would like to help, contact Patty Oates.


School Kits (we’ve been sending at least 100) include:

  • 1 drawstring backpack

  • 4  70-sheet spiral notebooks

  • 1 box of 24 crayons

  • 1 pair of round-tip scissors

  • 5 ballpoint pens

  • 5 pencils

  • 1 - 12-inch ruler with centimeters marked

  • 1 pencil sharpener

  • 1 - 2” x 1” pink eraser

Personal Care Kits (last year we sent 104) include:

  • 1 bath-size towel

  • 2 bath-size bars of soap

  • 1 adult-size toothbrush

  • 1 sturdy, wide-tooth comb

  • 1 metal nail clipper

Adopt-a-Family Bell Tree

For a number of years the members of St. John have participated in the Neighborhood House “Adopt-a-Family” Christmas project.  First we obtain information about the needs and desires of a struggling family or families in the Farmington area. Then we make a paper bell for each item the family (especially the children) needs or would like to receive (in the case of toys, games, etc.). The members of St. John then take a bell for each item they wish to purchase. The purchases are brought to the Church and then sorted and delivered to Neighborhood House where the families pick them up. It has been very gratifying to brighten the holidays for our neighbors in need in this way. For 2018, you can find details here. If you have any questions or would like to help, contact Patty Oates.


Each year, the Women of St. John collect "Thankofferings" to support WELCA (Women of the ELCA), including their programs that aid women and children in crisis. The Thankoffering donation originally consisted of monies specifically saved for this purpose over the course of the last year — change dropped in a Thankoffering box whenever we felt thankful for some blessing in our lives — and collected at a special service once a year.  The boxes are not used much anymore, but anyone who is able (men and women) are invited to make a Thankoffering donation of whatever size.

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