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"Come and see" said Philip...

What's one of the "hottest" ministries at St. John these days? Coffee Hour! While there is nothing new about having a tasty snack (they are delightful) and a cup of coffee (best I've had at a church event) after worship, what's new is the buzz. And not just figuratively but a literal buzz after worship every Sunday. Snow or no snow, Lion's playoff game or not.

There is an energy that fills the air to a point where I had to take a picture! This is what it looks like when we live out the first of the 5 baptismal vows: To live among God's faithful people.

While the treats and coffee are nice, it is what's going on among people that is creating the buzz and energy. Here are just a few of the things I've experienced: People getting to know someone new. Someone catching up with someone old they hadn't chatted with in a while. Two talking about the new opportunity to be a K thru 3rd grade storyteller. One intently listening to another's story of a moment from the past week that brought them so much joy she just had to share it. One friend following up with another about an ill friend he was concerned about the week before. Genuine concern and care for each other's well-being including their spirit. Authentic Christian community. The effects of receiving and sharing God's peace.

Know someone that would be blessed by experiencing such care? Put on your inner Philip and invite them to "come and see."

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