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Our Mission is Moving Forward

Pastor Mark’s Message


In this season of Moving Mission Forward, I know that are praying about our financial support of the St. John Community as well as how you will volunteer your time and energy to the fulfillment to our mission of peace.


Over the past year our leadership, through much prayer and discussion, decided to turn our parish house into a residence for adults with special needs. Since that time many volunteers led by Dave Androvich & Dave Elias along with John Abar, Maria Gilligan, Chris Janik, Curt Lind, Tim Schafer, Larry Urevig, and Laura Watters have invested their time in this project. In addition, donations totaled over $30,000 from friends inside and outside of our mission.


Within a few weeks the house will be open with three men including my son, Ryan Fisher. This will set the stage for our ministries’ efforts to provide support to those with special needs in the community. The Residence is but one example of the unlocked potential we have seen in becoming God’s hands and feet. What follows is a reflection Ryan and I co-wrote and he presented at last year’s Christmas Peace Service.


For unto each of us a child is born.

Every parent wants their child to be healthy and happy and to one day be independent.


All children come into the world defenseless and some are disabled as well.

When this happens, parents, friends and families can become very upset and hurt.  They wonder what the future will hold for the child and for them.


And as parents looked into their child’s eyes they saw the eyes of Christ.

You see, I know that God is always with me and that we all are on a similar yet different Path.


These same children grow up looking and waiting for a friend.

I know it is hard for people to slow down but since I cannot speed up, I have learned how to wait.


When people finally connect and look into each other’s eyes it is then that we enter into God’s Peace

You see there really is nothing to be afraid of. Yes, things might be different but there is always a larger reason for why we connect.


At this stage of my life, I am grateful for my family and friends and for those who work on my behalf. I know that my life has created meaning for each of them as they have created meaning for me.


If you are lonely or hurting, worried or afraid. I understand but more importantly God understands! I hope and pray that you sense His Peace!


Merry Christmas-Ryan


Thank you so much for giving of yourself to St. John Lutheran Church!  And as you do through the power of The Holy Spirit, you become the light of the world!



Pastor Mark

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